Sunday, June 29, 2014


Here is a picture of Mango, my new cat. 
My beloved Toby died of lymphoma in January and I was heartbroken. Losing a dear pet is almost as painful as losing a friend.  Toby was sweet and friendly and he was my comfort when Ralph was sick.  After Ralph died, Toby cuddled up with me every night.  I will never be able to replace him, and getting another tuxedo cat would have hurt every time I looked at it, so I found Mango at a cat adoption place and we bonded immediately.  He's very smart, and I think I will teach him a trick.  We have had cats that learned to do tricks and I think he will, too. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Books of May

I read so many books while I was recovering from surgery that I can't remember all of them, so here are a few:

A young woman who has lost her job takes on a six-month position as caretaker/companion to a quadriplegic man.  Sounds sad, doesn't it, but it was a great read with many twists and turns.  Fyi: Before a motorcycle ran him down as he was crossing the street, the guy was a CEO, adventurer, lover.  Interested now?  Moyes has a new book out, and I will definitely read it.
I'd read a few books by Baldacci before and enjoyed them, so I ordered this for my Kindle.  It's a young adult fantasy novel and it sounds like it was written by a not-so-accomplished young adult, say middle school age.  Can you guess I didn't like it.  Oh, and the ending left everything hanging so there's obviously a sequel in the works.  Not on my TBR list.
I am a devoted Nora Roberts (It's no surprise I used to be a romance writer).  This is one of her most enjoyable.  A house-sitter sees what appears to be a murder across the street from the apartment she's staying in and becomes involved with the brother of one of the victims. Good beach read (or recovery from surgery read).
Thriller I'd rate as average.  What did Columbus or one of his shipmates bury in the New World?  Read to find out.
Yes, this is a collection of poems about death and all its aspects.  No, I was not expecting to die on the operating table; I just found the topic interesting and I enjoyed the poems tremendously.  If you're in the mood to think about death, check it out.
No, I don't have cancer, nor at the moment do I know anyone who does.  I read this book because the author is my niece's sister-in-law.  The book was based on her dissertation for which she interviewed people who survived cancer when all hope was lost.  She came up with ten reasons they might have survived such as going on a vegetarian diet, using alternative healing methods, etc.
Davidson is a journalist who interviewed a famous rabbi when he was in his nineties about his beliefs about death and his preparations for the end of his life.  Moderately interesting.
I enjoyed this thriller about a woman who picks up a handsome man at a bar and ends up, not in bed, but running for her life. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Quote for the Week

The mind is like a parachute.  It only works when it's open.

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