Sunday, September 16, 2018

Books of Augusr

Moving Day.  What would you do if you were moving across country and the movers arrived a day early?  The elderly couple figures they'd gotten the day wrong.  Imagine their shock when the real movers arrive the next morning and they realize all their possessions have been stolen!  Will they get them back?  Read and find out.  I loved this book!

Mrs. Fletcher.  A middle-aged woman re-invents herself.  B-.

Somebody's Daughter.  When his ex-wife appears sobbing that her child, who may be his, is missing and begs him to help find her, he agrees and finds a tangled web of secrets and lies.

The Gatekeepers.  What is the most powerful non-elected, non-Senate confirmed person in Washington?  The President's chief of staff.  He (no she's yet) controls access to the  President, interacts with various factions in the White House and sometimes gives the President his blunt opinion on important matters.  This fascinating book chronicles chiefs of staff from Nixon through Obama.  I highly recommend it.

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