Sunday, July 9, 2023

Book of June

 I only read one book in June because I started a 700 page novel and I'm not finished yet.  But I did read The Measure.  Imagine this:  On your doorstep one March morning you find a small wooden box with your name on it and the words "The measure of your life lies within."  You soon learn that every adult in the world has found a similar box.  What's inside?  A string.  The strings are varied only in length.  The length of your string tells how long you will live  The novel follows eight characters and how they react to their strings.  I enjoyed this, not necessarily for the writing, but for the premise.  What would you do if you received such a box?  Open it or not? How would you lead the rest of your life?  And what will happen to society when people divide themselves into long stringers and short stringers?  Interesting book.  



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