Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Review: Paperback Swap

Are you a reader? Here's a site you should investigate. Are your bookshelves overflowing with paperbacks you haven't looked at for years? Another reason to check out this site. Do you like to save money? Reason number three.

Paperback Swap allows you to swap your old paperback books for someone else's used books. It's easy. Once you've listed a certain number, six I think, you start getting credits for every book of yours that someone requests, and it's one for one. You give one book away; you get to request one. All you have to pay for is the mailing, which is generally around $2.50. Great way to get those books you wanted to read but hated to spend money on--what my book club calls "guilty pleasures"--as well as classics in paperback, non-fiction books, kids' books, too.

I highly recommend this site.



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