Monday, September 5, 2011

The Ambassador of Grief and Whimsy

The Ambassador of Grief and Whimsy is actually a bunny. She belongs to Susan, who blogs at Bunny often acts as Susan's alter ego.

Like me, Susan is a widow and she has a loyal following of widows and widowers who read her blog regularly. Susan often said she wished she could visit her online friends, but that is impossible since they live in such far-flung places as Australia and England. Then she had a brainstorm: she would send Bunny in her place. Followers signed up to have Bunny visit them, and off she went around the world in what is now a well-used postage box. She has been to England, Australia, Alaska, Arizona, and most recently to me in Texas.

As soon as she arrived, in her adorable jeans, embroidered shirt and tiny backpack, I introduced Bunny to my cats. Needless to say, they were not interested in being friends, especially Toby after the night Bunny, wearing her little sleep mask, moved into his space on my bed.

Bunny was cuddly and comforting. Also helpful. She visited my speech therapy sessions and encouraged kids to talk. "She's traveling around the world, like Flat Stanley," I told one of my kids. "Wow," he said, "how does she do it?" I think he was a bit disappointed when I explained she traveled in a box from the post office.

Bunny and I took a trip to the Galleria, where she got a Don't Mess With Texas t-shirt (infant size).

Bunny has created a bond between the widows who have enjoyed her company. My thanks to Susan for her kindness in sharing Bunny with her on-line friends. You can also visit Bunny's Facebook page: look for abandoned souls.


Annie Boreson said... [Reply to comment]

That is such a fantastic idea. I am glad that Bunny has a passport and is traveling to bring happiness to so many.

Michael Ann said... [Reply to comment]

I agree, what a great idea!! I love this!

Thelma, your blog really looks nice. So clean looking. How do you get your signature on your posts to look like that? I used some program on the internet but it still looks more like a button than just written there. I set the background to transparent but it didn't help.

I love reading your blog :-)
Michael Ann
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