Thursday, November 3, 2011

Book Review: I Never Intended to be Brave by Heather Andersen

Heather Andersen is a woman with heart. A heart strong enough to go on when her plans go awry, a heart big enough to embrace varied lands and cultures.

After her stint in the Peace Corps, she plans a dream trip, cycling through southern Africa. She places an ad in a cyling magazine but only finds one person interested in joining the trip. Unfortunately, he's the wrong person. Almost from the beginning they are an incompatible pair, so when he suggests they split up, she agrees and travels on alone. She says she never intended to be brave, but a woman alone, cycling through unfamiliar terrain in third world countries is spectacularly brave in my opinion. Along the way during her six month trip, she absorbs the culture of the various countries, meets the people, endures bicyle breakdowns, bumpy roads, wind and heat, and marvels at the scenery and wildlife. She spends a night in a camp near a dead ostrich, meets what first appears to be a lion on the road but turns out to be a cow, and reaches the point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet.

Here is a book that will inspire you to follow your dreams, whatever they may be. Highly recommended and a great read.


gteamhj said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so looking forward to reading my own copy when it arrives in the mail! It's true - I'm often inspired by the adventures and work of others, even if our dreams are very different. Go, Heather!

Rossandra said... [Reply to comment]

Great review, Thelma. I'm going to get my copy from our local bookstore, Laguna Beach Books, (yeaa! a bookstore still standing.).


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