Friday, September 14, 2012

New release

Adreneline is pumping, excitement is bubbling up.  Those boxes contain copies of On Our Own:  Widowhood for Smarties, an anthology published by Silver Boomer Books that I've co-edited.  It was my first experience editing and it was fascinating to read the more than 200 submissions and help choose the ones for the anthology.  We have a nicely balanced selection of poetry and prose, mostly from widows but from a few widowers, too.  They cover every aspect of the widowhood experience, from the first jolt of grief to handling every day tasks to venturing into the dating world to cherishing memories.  Some are sad, some are funny, all are written from the heart.

Silver Boomers is a publisher based in Abilene, Texas.  I've been fortunate to be included in some of their previous anthologies, and it was a privilege to work on this one from beginning to end.

More to come...



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