Thursday, November 1, 2012

Interview with June Dowis, Contributor to Widowhood for Smarties

June's beautiful poems, one a haiku and the other "Lingering at the Cemetery," touched me.  I was surprised to learn she is not a widow!

TZ:  What prompted youto write these two pocms?

JD:  I don't know why, but I've always been blessed with the ability to imagine what life would be without my loved ones.  I'm sure that sounds crazy, but it has served me well.  My mother was widowed when I was fourteen, but she, like most of my family, kept her emotions to herself.  However, I will say that this November, I will be divorced four years after twenty-four years of a wonderful marriage.  Ironically, I have been dating my ex-husband for a year now and I think that is due in a large part to my still being able to appreciate the good person he is even when we were going through something tragic.  Before I went through a divorce myself, I never realized the grief that it brings with it.  And I will say that most of my dying-related poems were written during this time.

TZ:  Tell about your writing background.  Always poetry?

JD:  I have written a little of everything, personal essays, articles for a local news magazine, church newsletters.  I have written one young adult novel that is done but needs going over and, of course, publishing.  I have one mystery novel that is 2/3 done and I am planning onf resurrecting it this year.  But my true love is poetry--contemporary, free verse and haiku.  It seems to come naturally to me throughout the day, so I am always writing my thoughts.

TZ:  Any other writing goals?

JD: My goals are to publish a chapbook, finish and publish my novel and continue entering my writing in whatever venues pass my way that seem like a good fit.  Also in June this year, I made a goal to have 50 poems out at once.  It took me a while to get that many sent out, but I've done a pretty good job of keeping up



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