Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013: Ralph's birtrhday

Today would have been Ralph’s 73rd  birthday. 

I remember near the end of his life, when some work was being done on the freeway near our house, thinking “Ralph will miss seeing these changes.  They’ll be here and he won’t know.”

How the world has changed in the 7 ½ years he’s been gone.  Not just the freeway; he’s missed a lot of things.  Family milestones:  Gabriella becoming a teenager, her Bat Mitzvah.  Technology changes::  IPads, texting, Skype, Siri (my new best friend), HD television, hybrid cars. World events:  the first African American president, the tea party movement, the Arab spring, gay marriage, the resignation of Pope Benedict.  Personalities:  Sara Palin,  Kate Middleton,  Gabby Giffords, Tim Tebow, Kim Kardashian, (going downhill now)  Honey Boo Boo.  Sports scandals:  Lance Armstrong, Roger Clemens, Mante Teo, the New Orleans Saints’ bounty program.  Tragedies in Haiti, Japan, Aurora, Newtown and at Penn State.  

Even though he’s not here, the world keeps turning.  What would he make of all that he’s missed?  I know we’d discuss these people and events and put our own different spins on them.

What I miss is him.


Ornery's Wife said... [Reply to comment]

I just cannot imagine how challenging it is to go on after your loved one passes. Your tribute to your beloved's birthday is sweet and poignant. It is probably better that those who have gone on before us were spared some of the things you described. Blessings

Ken said... [Reply to comment]

Madeline passed 2 years ago at 62 and I miss her very much. I enjoyed this web site and can relate to most of its content. Now it is just me and the cat going on day by day.


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