Thursday, August 28, 2014

Top Eleven Trips for Navigating the Rough Seas of Widowhood #4

If you're already a widow, this tip is too late.  (It was too late for me.)  I added this tip when I was speaking to a women's group because 50% of all married couples will someday lose their spouse. Keep that in mind.

I imagine most of you have some responsibilities in the marriage and your spouse has different ones, and often never the twain shall meet.  I strongly recommend, however, that you learn your spouse's jobs and switch places occasionally.  Then you won't be left like me, totally clueless when it came to my husband's chores.  I had to learn them afterward.  (No, that's not me changing the tire.  I wish.)  If you can't manage the new responsibilities, then hopefully you can hire someone to help.  I once passed a storefront office in New England called Rent-a-Husband.  I checked to see if they had

an office in Houston, but they didn't so I hired a handyman.  Actually I've hired various handypersons and haven't found the perfect one yet.

Good luck and take care.  Tip #5 will be posted next Thursday.



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