Sunday, May 3, 2015

Books of April

The main character is an assassin (hit man) for a crime boss who wants his wife killed.  How will our hero do it?  Will he do it?  I was moderately concerned about the outcome.  I give this a B.
Cahalan, a reporter for the New York Post, fell victim to a rare autoimmune disease that presented with hallucinations, slurred speech, muscle rigidity, memory loss and other symptoms.  She takes readers through the frightening months of illness and slow recovery.  Very interesting.  This was a book club selection and an unusual one because we usually read fiction.  Had someone not picked it, I probably wouldn't have come across it, but I enjoyed it...if that's the right word for an account of a descent into

Note:  The author is a friend and former critique partner so I've read this book dozens of times since its inception and still enjoyed my umpteenth reading of it.  RJ Parker isn't your typical romance hero though I've fallen in love with him in every version I've read of this book.  Suffering from the aftermath of a brutal attack, he's become a recluse.  Christine Dawson is the heroine who wants to bring him back to life.  Gay rights, the subplot of this book, is a timely topic, and Linda Steinberg handles it masterfully.

 Another book club choice.  We read Russell's The Sparrow and I thought this would be another interesting story.  Nothing like the science fiction Sparrow, this is a Holocaust story that takes place in a small town in Italy,  It kept me engrossed throughout.

Happy reading!



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