Sunday, June 28, 2015

My New-Old Gadget

It's now been a month since the Great Memorial Day Flood, and I have been coping better than I would have expected.  My "Flood Notebook" is full of interesting information that I've learned, like what "proof of loss" is, how many people want to dry out/clean out/rebuild your house, and most of all, how much you can do without.  I am back in my 5-bedroom house and making do with a bed, a breakfast room table and chairs and a chair for my built-in desk.  The bottom 2 feet of sheet rock is torn out all through the house, and the cat loves it because I can't close him in a room any more--he just walks right through the walls.

My dishwasher drowned in the flood.  The nice adjuster who was here explained that it's because the motor is underneath.  Who knew?  So now I wash dishes by hand after each meal, which is okay because I don't run out of spoons because they're all in the dishwasher.  But I don't like drying dishes, so I decided to try to buy a dish drainer.  I wasn't sure they were still around because frankly, I haven't seen or used one in probably 30 years.  I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and, not certain the clerk would know what I was talking about, asked if they had a dish drainer.  Surprise!  They had several.  I bought the smallest, cheapest one...and I got a 20% flood-victim-discount.
Seeing it sitting on the counter makes me feel a bit like June Cleaver.  Yes, I know--some of you use dish drainers all the time, but I have been too lazy all these years to wash dishes without relying on a machine
Seriously though, the most important thing I've learned from the flood is how kind people are and how fortunate I am to have friends who care and take the time to check to see how I'm doing and if I need help with anything.  In spite of everything,  feel truly blessed.



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