Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Moth Story Slam

"Moth" is broadcast on NPR at noon on Saturdays.  It's a show on which people tell their stories. My friend Marie listens to the show every Saturday and recommends it highly.  I've always meant to listen, but I haven't; however, when Marie suggested going to a "story slam" at Houston's chapter of Moth (the only one in Texas), I readily agreed and joined Marie and Millie.

The program was held in a warehouse in a newly trendy area near downtown known as EADO (East of Downtown, sort of like New York's SOHO) and featured ten storytellers, each given five minutes to tell a personal story on the theme of Betrayal.  Three groups of judges scored the speakers from 1 to 10. Between speakers the master (rather, mistress) of ceremonies told some of her own stories and read one-liners from the audience.  What a hoot!  Most of the storytellers told of lovers or spouses who betrayed them, but one guy told a hilarious tale of working one summer for a traveling carnival and betraying his boss.  He was my favorite and I was disappointed that he didn't win.

The auditorium was packed.  Of course, there was a bar and a counter where you could buy Moth t-shirts.  We clapped and cheered for the storytellers and promised ourselves we'd come back next month. 

Recently "100 Places to See in Houston before You Die" came out.  I haven't found it in stores yet, but I hope Moth is one of the hundred.  If you have access to a Moth in your city, be sure and go.  If not, listen to the radio broadcast.  It's great fun.



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