Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 in Review

Best day of the year (for me)  May 23:  Milestone Birthday (I'm not saying what milestone.)

Worst day of the year (for me)  May 26:  Waking up and stepping into ankle deep water.  My house flooded in the Memorial Day Flood, a day that will be remembered ever after in Houston's Meyerland community. Nearly every home in our neighborhood was flooded.

Favorite birthday gift:  A scrapbook from my children.  I invited friends, lifelong and new, to send memories to go in the scrapbook along with some of my favorite pictures.  (Note:  We're still working on it, but it's coming along).

Nicest surprises:  Calls from old friends, wanting to re-connect.

Favorite book:  Non-Fiction:  Another Great Day at Sea
                          Fiction:  Our Souls at Night
                          Essays:  Gratitude

Favorite movies:  Room, Spotlight

Favorite TV:  The Voice (My sister got me hooked.)

Favorite sports stories:  Patriots win the Super Bowl in the last seconds
                                       American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown
                                       Astros come from nowhere almost to the World Series

Best writing experience:  Essay called "End and Beginning" included in Shifts anthology, finalist for best book of personal essays in 2015.

Vacation memory:  Cruise with my sister. Alas, she is now one game ahead of me in our ongoing vacation Scrabble tournament

Weird holidays:  Turkeyless Thanksgiving
                             Candleless Chanukah (My menorah is in storage.)

Moves of the year:  From house sold in August to one bedroom apartment to guest apartment at Brazos Tower because rain kept them from pouring the driveway, so they couldn't get a permit from the city for occupancy.  Hopefully, I'll be in my permanent apartment in a week, or a month, or sometime in 2016.

Sad moment:  Seeing an empty lot where my house once stood.

Wishing you a new year filled with rainbows, Thelma



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