Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl Haiku

I wish I had thought of these myself, but I copied them from NPR's website.  Enjoy (and cheer for the Broncos--I'm a Peyton fan.)

Carolina crop
Causes cancer, heart disease
Though not concussions.

Please, Coach Kubiak,
Let Peyton play "hurry up."
Don't you want a ring?

Buried in bedlam,
Unnatural war is waged.
Cats battle horses.

Muzzle talking heads.
Un-mute just for commercials;
Rest room at half time.

Methuselah faces
Carefree Cameron in the
Conflict of the ages.

No one I know would
Watch the half-time show but for
Wardrobe malfunctions.

Roman numerals
Gone from Super Bowl 50.
L equals loser.

Panther's messy meal;
Spits out a few feathers,
Mulls the taste of horses.

Oh no, it's that time!
Big piles of men fall down...ouch!
Can't wait till baseball.

Have you been alive
for all fifty Super Bowls,
the new Dawn of Time?

Iowa caucus;
ISIL; market plunge; migrants.
Time out:  Super Bowl.



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