Sunday, March 27, 2016

Books of February

What is Germany and Japan had won World War II?  What if they divided the U.S. between them?  How different would everyone's life be?  This book takes place in just that scenario.  I didn't enjoy it, but feel compelled to finish every book club choice.

Another book club read.  I was interested to know more about the infamous and power-hungry Duke of Norfolk who played a large role n Henry the Eighth life.  This book focuses on his relationships with his second wife and his mistress.   Not the greatest book but okay.

This book gives a lot of information about Nixon's presidency--his dealings with China, his machinations in ending the Vietnam War, his relationships with the members of his cabinet and his inner circle (not always the same people) and, of course, his downfall over Watergate.  Unfortunately, it reads as if the writer were a sophomore in high school writing a term paper--long, poorly written sentences with so many pronouns you're not sure who he's talking about.  I learned more about Nixon but the book was hard to get through. It was badly in need of an editor.

Her husband has just died after being hit by a bus, but what secrets is his widow concealing?  What did he have to do with the kidnapping and murder of a little girl?  I'd give it a B.



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