Sunday, May 1, 2016

Books of April

Alice suffers a concussion and wakes up, believing she's 10 years younger than she really is.  How she recaptures the lost 10 years of her life makes a captivating story.  I've enjoyed most of Liane Moriarty's books, and I recommend you try this one.  It's not her absolute best, but I liked it.

Nora Roberts' latest romantic suspense isn't very suspenseful and isn't very romantic either.  12-year-old Naomi follows her father into the forest one night, thinking he's hiding the new bike she wants for her upcoming birthday, but instead she discovers he's a serial killer.  That's Part 1.  Later when she's grown and is a traveling free lance photographer, she falls in love with an old house and impulsively buys it and starts to restore it.  Now we learn more than we ever want to know about restoring old houses and decorating them as well as a great deal we also don't want to know about photography.  One day as she is rescuing a dog on the road, the town mechanic comes along and we know immediately that she'[ll keep the dog and soon go to bed with the mechanic.  We learn a lot about auto mechanics, too.  Suddenly murdered women who have blonde hair (just like Naomi, of course) start turning up.  Someone is copying her imprisoned dad's technique and we know that soon he'll be after Naomi, too.  By the way, Naomi doesn't tell anyone, including Xander,our hero, about her traumatic childhood, but, clever guy, he figures it out when she is upset when she spies a book about her childhood on his bookshelf.  How does he figure out which book she's looking at when he has an entire wall of books?  Well, he's our hero, so why not?  I've been a Nora Roberts fan since I first starting reading and writing romance, but this one is awful.  Maybe she has no more good ideas left.  Maybe I won't read her next release.

Paul Kalanithi is just completing his residency in neurosurgery when he is diagnosed with cancer.  He tells us about his background and the progression of his disease in this beautifully written book which was completed by his wife after he died.  It's been on the non-fiction best seller list with good reason.  Highly recommended.

I love sports books and what better time to read one than during the NCAA Final Four and the NBA playoff season.  This book is about the boys who went from high school to the NBA, about the amazing successes like LeBron James and the failures as well.  Is it appropriate for high school grads to go straight to the big league?  Are they ready for professional basketball?  Here's a book that parents of kids with dreams of being the next Kobe Bryant should read.  I enjoyed it.



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