Sunday, June 12, 2016

Books of May

A fascinating memoir of crime and punishment--a crime that wasn't committed and punishment inflicted.  Bettu Baer tells the story of the spray painting of Houston's Exxon building for which she was arrested, tried and wrongly convicted.  Her six months in prison, faced with courage, her confrontration of her own beliefs make this book hard to put down.

A first book from an up-and-coming author.  A mixture of romance, suspense and humor.  Highly recommended.

A rather strange book that begins with homo sapiens, hunter gatherer, takes him/her through the cognitive revolution, agricultural revolution, the building of empires, the industrial revolution and our own scientific age.  Some interested views but the final section, postulating a race of super-humans is, in my opinion, downright weird.  But it does make interesting reading.

A novella and several short stories by respected author Colum McCann.  I read this for my book club and gave it a 4 star rating with some caveats.  McCann goes in for description that puts you right in the story but he tends to over-write...i.e. too much description at times.  Another warning:  these stories will leave you hanging, but if you think you can deal with that, give the book a try.

A young girl is assaulted and left severely brain-damaged.  Years after, a  down-on-her-luck reporter tries to find out who did it.  From the title, I expected a higher level of tension, but this was a little slow moving.  Nevertheless, a fairly good read.

Happy reading!



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