Sunday, December 4, 2016

Books of November

A book by Margret Atwood that is part of the Hogarth Series, modern takes on Shakespeare's plays, this one based on The Tempest.  A failed director stages his own take on The Tempest in a prison with prisoners as actors to get revenge on the people who deprived him of his job.  B+.

A beautiful and inspiring book about the author's experiences as a hospice chaplain.  I bought a hard copy after I read it on Kindle.

The blurb on Amazon called it emotional thrilled..  I thought it was disgusting, my pick for the gross book of the year.  Don't waste your time.

A true crime story about the Yogurt Shop murders that took place in Austin in the Nineties.  The first part was engrossing, the second part about the trials of the alleged killers was boring, and the conclusion is that no one knows what really happened.  My interest lasted for about 1/3 of the book.



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