Sunday, January 28, 2018

Never Too Late; Never Too Old

I am a lousy tennis player but a devoted tennis fan, so devoted that I got up in the middle of the night, two nights in a row to watch the women's and men's finals in the Australian Open.
Caroline Wozniacki, the women's final winner, has been trying and failing for years to win a Grand Slam tournament.  This was her 43rd try!  She lost in two U.S. Open finals and hasn't made a final since.  But she's kept trying, never giving up her dream until it's finally come true.  (By the way, in the midst of her tennis career she trained for and ran a marathon.)  She's an example of perseverance and she's earned a well-deserved reward.

Ho hum, Federer again?  He won his 20th Grand Slam in Australia.  But he's 36 years old, Methuselah-like in tennis years) and last year sportscasters were saying maybe he had one more slam still to come.  Instead, in the past year he's won 3 slams.  Most 36-year-old tennis players are sitting in lawn chairs, nursing their sore muscles and watching tennis matches on TV, but Federer still loves the game and he's still the best ever...and he trains in Dubai in the heat.  He's an inspiration for elderly folks like me, telling us in no uncertain terms that life is still to be enjoyed and there are still goals to set and to meet as long as you're still around.  


Susan Kane said... [Reply to comment]

Federer is an inspiration. Not just in his tennis life, but he represents Switzerland as a personable and honorable man.


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