Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Review: Alone and Alive

Alone and Alive: A Practical Guide for Dealing with the Death of Your Husband by Janet Boyanton. Shafer Publishing, P.O. Box 134, Lyons, NJ 07939.

Alone and Alive: Janet Boyanton had me at the title. You've lost your mate, but you are still here. You have a life to live and, hopefully, to make the most of. In the early days the struggle may seem insurmountable, but this little book will help you through. It's the most practical book I've read on making it through widowhood, and believe me, I've read just about all of them.

Janet Boyanton knows whereof she speaks. Her husband died suddenly while on an outing with their nine-year-old son. She intersperses her own story throughout the book as she touches on everything the new widow has to cope with--probate, insurance, social security, mortgage payments. She talks about decisions. Should the widow continue living in the family home? Can she afford it? Is living alone a good idea or not? What about managing all the "stuff" of your husband's--clothes, papers, junk? She touches on managing home repairs, even yard work. Dealing with children's grief, taking care of one's health--everything you can think of is here.

The author is a probate attorney so she has dealt with widowhood professionally as well as personally, and her chapter is probate is one of the most useful.

If you know someone who is recently widowed, this would be a wonderful gift. And if that someone is you, make it a gift to yourself.

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