Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More on Getting Through the Holidays

I thought I'd add an extra post this week. Here are some tips on getting through the holidays from a psychiatrist friend.

Give yourself permission to cry if you have to, need to, want to.

If your budget is tight (and whose isn't these days? )think of passing on a favorite book, an album of family photos, or some other special possession instead of buying a gift for a friend/family member.

Keep your home full of light. This is the dark time of year in which Seasonal Affective Disorder can hit you and heaven knows, we don't need another way to be depressed. Lots of natural light combats SAD and lifts your spirits.

You would have given your spouse a gift if he were still here, so spend some of that money by contributing to a charity in someone's name instead of buying something for them.

Donate to the library for a book dedicated to your spouse.

Together with your children or grandchildren, give a gift donation for a needy child. I give my granddaughter a check to donate to a charity of her choice each year, with the stipulation that she write a letter explaining why she's donating to them. Two years ago, she wrote the sweetest letter to the Leukemia Society. I made a copy and framed it. It brought joy to my holiday as well as helping fight the disease my husband had.

Hang a stocking for your spouse and ask friends/family to fill it with notes about your spouse. You may cry as you read them, but they'll be "good" tears.

And of course, get plenty of rest, eat healthy snacks (I know it's impossible with all those holiday goodies)and exercise--walk somewhere that was meaningful to you and your husband.

And finally, please don't spend the holiday alone.


Irene McGoldrick said... [Reply to comment]

You are not the first who has had trouble with my blog address, very discouraging. IT might be better to put my web address in and then there is a direct link to my blog.

As for excerpts from my book I have tried to post one a month but I don't have them organized in any way. (as you can see I have a lot to improve upon)If you read my very first blog that is the prologue to my book. I will work on titling them as such in the future.

I would be interested to know more about your book as well.

Thanks for the help. And thanks for the reminders about the holidays.


Carole Ann Moleti said... [Reply to comment]

Thelma, thanks for this blog. My dad is very ill and my mother is having a hard time adjusting to impending widowhood.

You've given me several ideas which might make things easier for her (and me too!)


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