Sunday, December 27, 2009

Taking Stock

The most exciting thing that happened to me in 2009 was (surprise!) cataract surgery. For the first time since age four, I don't wear glasses. And after further surgery in August, I don't even have to wear them for reading. Know how you imagine everyone is looking at you? I was so sure when I went back to work after the operation that everyone would notice I wasn't wearing glasses, but the only person who did was the janitor at one of the schools I work with.

I had several articles accepted for publication this year: "The Possum That Changed My Life" which was published in the anthology This Path in August and "A Tale of Two Doctors: The Patient's Point of View" which will come out next summer in Survivor's Journal. Also had an essay "Do It Yourself, Mom" place in a contest. The essay can also be seen on at various times.

In 2009 I discovered The Transition Network, a dynamic group of women who meet monthly for conversations about life challenges. I've met so many interesting people through this group and published a piece on their national website about writing an ethical will. We also have a subgroup on death and dying. We call it Death, Dying, and Dessert.

I learned to play bridge (but poorly); my granddaughter turned 11 and sang a song in memory of her grandpa (mentioned in an earlier post), I visited my husband's family and his gravesite. Houston didn't have a hurricane this year, but we did have snow in December. Texas is going to the BCS Championship game; Roger Federer won the French Open (Can you tell I love sports?)

I miss Ralph every day--when I wake up and he's not there, when something goes wrong in the house (Right now a weird noise is coming from the bathroom, and I see a plumber in my future.)
I miss laughing with him, arguing politics (Our votes were always opposite). I miss his cooking, his willingness to listen. Sometimes I even miss his snoring.

But I've been blessed with a wonderful family and good friends, so I'm plugging along and looking forward to 2010.


Boo said... [Reply to comment]

It is good to hear the hope in your words ... that you are looking forward and taking your love for Ralph with you.

You have accomplished a lot this year and how wonderful to have good eyesight. It's strange isn't it, that with death - a new sight comes, in that you see new things clearly ... and YOU also now literally see things more clearly.

All strength and peace to you for 2010 xx

Widow in the Middle said... [Reply to comment]

It's a nice practice to look back at the year and note the accomplishments. It is also bittersweet that Ralph didn't share them with you. I like how the tone of your post is so upbeat! But that you also acknowledge missing Ralph. That is a given but it should be said, not hidden.

I am inspired by you looking forward to the new year and I hope I can try a bit harder to be more positive too.

I found Boo's observation about the clearer eyesight very profound! Wow!


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