Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Books of the Month

As usual, my reading diet is eclectic: one non-fiction, one thriller, one book club choice.

Getting Old is a Full Time Job by Susan Lieberman. Susan, a friend and fellow member of The Transition Network, has tackled retirement and aging from the perspective of jobs appropriate to that stage of life, including Director of Physical Planning, Relationship Coach, and Pain Consultant. A wise and inspiring book.

Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson. Amnesia is a popular theme in genre stories. Here it's taken to the extreme. Christine wakes up every day, unaware of who she is, where she is, how old she is... Imagine being in that state. As the story unfolds, a doctor begins helping her record the memories she unearths each day so she can look back at her journal and understand her life. Full of twists and turns, the book keeps you interested until the rather contrived ending.

The Piano Teacher by Janice Lee. A book club choice, it takes place in Hong Kong beginning just before World War II and in Hong Kong during the Fifties, with several recurring characters. The best thing about the story was the sense of place. Hong Kong comes alive for the reader. Not so the characters. Most of our group couldn't care for any of them. This is a first book; hopefully later books by this author will be better.



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