Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reminder from Another Widow

Isn't it great when you connect with someone you've just met? I chatted last week with another widow I'd been introduced to at an event. We traded "widow" stories. Both of us had been cast into the depths of despair and both of us agreed we''d managed to survive and even thrive. At the end of our conversation she said, "Just remember, live every day to the fullest."

Remember when Hindu widows in India used to commit suttee--throw themselves on their husbands' funeral pyres. It's no longer a custom, but many of us commit figurative suttee by not giving ourselves permission to go on "living" once we're widowed. We have to make the most of whatever time we have left Even amidst loneliness and grief, we can find strength.


Lisa W. Rosenberg said... [Reply to comment]

This is so well said, Thelma. It is true that my mother has to make this choice every day: to embrace life, to live to the fullest. It has been seventeen years since my father died and since then, Mom has found such solace, support and wonderful friendship in the company of other widows.


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