Monday, February 18, 2013

Birth of a Memoir, Part 4: Birth

Labor was tough, but birth was a breeze, at least it is so far.  I went over my proofs, made a few corrections, and asked some people I love and respect to give me quotes for the back cover.  My son took my picture and within a few weeks, I received my advance copy.  My daughter glanced at it and said, "How strange to see your real name on the cover."  (When I wrote romance I wrote under a pseudonym because when I first published, Harlequin required one.  Anyway, if I'd used my real name, I'd have been a Z under Alpha by Author and who browses the shelves all the way to Z?  But I'm Z now and that's okay.  The book isn't up on Amazon yet but you can be sure when it is, I'll announce it here.  Hope you'll come back and watch for the birth announcement.



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