Sunday, March 23, 2014

Words I Wish Would Go Away

Are there words that sound like fingers scratching across a blackboard--words you just wish would disappear?  Here are some I'm sooo tired of:

Trending or on trend:  Have you noticed that anyone who is selling something refers to it as "trending" or "on trend."  News may be trending, too.  Is everything on trend these days?  Trend did not used to be a verb or the object of a preposition.  But that's not the problem for me.  I'm just sick of hearing this overused expression.  How about you?

Awesome:  I believe this used to mean something like "evoking awe," a word you might use when seeing the Grand Canyon or hearing soul-stiring music.  Now it's used for everything--an awesome movie, an awesome burger, an awesome pair of jeans (which are, of course, a style on trend) an awesome evening out.  Come on.  Everything can't be awesome.  That usage robs the word of its meaning and reduces it to pop culture pap.

LOL:  Yes, we don't hear it, but we do see it a lot.  Emails are filled with LOL's.  Anytime someone writes something they think is funny, they add this at the end.  Can't I figure out it's funny without their help?  If you tell a joke or a funny story, do you end it by saying, "Ha ha ha," so your listener will know to laugh?  How would that sound?
So, please, enough with the LOL.  Let me decide to laugh all by myself.

Comments, anyone?



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