Sunday, April 5, 2015

Books of March

Voted one of the best books of the past decade, this mystery revolves around an academic conflict concerning birds' relation to dinosaurs.  Are they living dinosaurs or simply related?  A specialist in bird evolution is found murdered; his body has been  overrun by parasites.  A graduate in the department is also murdered.  Are the two murders related?  Do they involve another specialist whose theory is in opposition to the murder victim's?  Will our heroine Anna's dissertation defense be postponed because of the murders?  Will "the world's most irritating detective"  (Anna's nickname for him) solve the case?  Do we care?  I didn't, mainly because Anna, the main character, was so unappealing.  Everything makes her angry.  She stamps her foot a lot.  Everyone sweats a lot.  Everyone has a traumatic backstory.  I finished the book so I can discuss it next week at my book club meeting.  Sometimes everyone else likes a book better than I do.  We'll see.
Guilty Pleasure Books

 I am exhausted from cleaning, trashing, shredding, donating stuff from every room in my house in preparation for putting the house on the market, so naturally I need some escapist reading,  And who wouldn't love an art restorer, assassin, spy for the Israeli secret service?  Like James Bond, Gabriel Allon always gets his man.  (I am secretly in love with him though I fear I'm too old for him. Oh well.)



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