Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Camp Widow

No, it wasn't a camp-out kind of camp.  It was a conference for widows put on my Soaring Spirits.  They started with one about seven years ago; now there are three-Camp Widow West in San Diego, Camp Widow East in Tampa and Camp Widow Canada in Toronto.  I went to San Diego and there I was, along with 300 other widows and widowers (mostly widows).  Some had been widowed only six months; some, like me, ten years or more, but we all connected.  Why not?  Age didn't matter, length of time widowed didn't matter, home town or state didn't matter.  We were all in the same situation and, as several attendees put it, we all "get it."

There were round table discussions for new widows, for those who had suffered multiple losses; there were lectures on everything from learning to love the "new you" to getting back to cooking, to parenting teens who've suffered loss. If you check at the Soaring Spirits website, you can purchase tapes of the keynote speech and many of the workshops. On Sunday morning there was a 5K widow dash (I skipped that one.),a Saturday night banquet with balloons flying everywhere, a store with t-shirts, books, coffee mugs.  I gave a presentation on writing legacy letters.  (I always enjoy giving speeches.)

If you're widowed, check out Soaring Spirits' Facebook page, visit their on-line store and look for Widowed Village to connect with others




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