Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tea for Two or Three...or More

Afternoon tea is so "veddy, veddy" elegant, isn't it?  My most recent afternoon tea was at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Banff, Canada, a place I may never get to again, but I wouldn't have missed tea time there for anything:
Scones, tea sandwiches, petit fours, all served with a specially made apple flavored tea and a view of the Canadian Rockies from the window.  Delicious and delightful.

My favorite tea room in Houston:  McHugh's Tea Room.  Light, tasty lunches, all the teas you can think of and scrumptious pies.  (You can even order a "pie shooter" dessert with half-slices of 3 different pies in larger than life shot glasses.  Mmm.)  The walls are decorated with celebrities drinking tea (not sure if these are real or photo-shopped, but they're fun), lots of interesting tea pots for sale, and excellent service.  I haven't been there at tea-time, but it's on my list.

Some friends took me here for my birthday.  I got a feather boa and a tiara. Fun!

My Great Books group meets at Te:  House of Tea on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00.  I don't think they have tea time, but they have dozens of flavors of tea and very good dinners.  My favorite is chicken-in-a-blanket.  It's a quiet place, usually frequented by people who bring their laptops so it's great for book discussions.  The only drawback is that service is often slow; otherwise, it's great.

Gone but not forgotten:  Ashland House Tea Room, a huge, sunny place with, of all things, a tree growing in the middle of the dining room!  I took my granddaughter (and her American Girl doll) there for her first tea-time experience.  Memorable.

Other tea rooms I've enjoyed:  Serenitea in Sugar Land and Two Friends Tea Room (long gone)in Missouri City.

Do you love tea rooms?  Leave a comment with a photo if you like. 



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