Tuesday, August 25, 2015


My children and granddaughter and I had a Farewell Brunch last Sunday, our last Sunday in our house, and we each told what we remembered.

Michael:  We made the garage into a playroom and we had a pool table, and I kept my game machines in there, too.  I had-Pac Man and Donkey Kong and some others.

Lori:  We used to do jigsaw puzzles on the game table in the living room.

Michael:  We played board game, too.

Michael:  We cooked hot dogs in the fireplace when our power went out during Hurricane Alicia.

Lori:  My room was always cold so I had an electric blanket.

Gabriella: I loved looking in the three-way mirror in the dressing room.  I wish we could take it with us.

Michael: We had lots of pets, but I liked when we started having cats.

Lori:  I found our first cat, Ringo.  He was a little lost kitten and we kept him.

Gabriella:  When I was little, I liked going in all the rooms.

Michael:  Once Ralph made a stew and he used red cabbage.  The stew turned out purple and no one would eat it.

Lori and Michael:  We practiced driving with Ralph.

Lori:  We played Pong.

Gabriella:  One time my friend came over with me and I told her Ralph's huge "monster" plant on the patio would eat her and scared her to death.

Me:  When the eye passed over during Hurricane Alicia, Ralph and I went outside on the front porch.  It felt eerie.

Me:  We had so many pets that when they had a unit on animals at the Speech and Hearing Institute, they asked me to bring pictures of all of them.

Me:  Gabby came home to this house when she was an infant because her parents were living here.

Me:  Gabby and I cooked Green Eggs and Ham (minus the ham) in our kitchen.

Michael:  I liked my room.  I could watch my little TV.  I never used the built-in desk.  I always did my homework on a lap desk on the bed.

Me:  When we moved into our house, my father got very sick and we went to Austin, so Gertie, our housekeeper, moved us and we couldn't find Bryan's clothes for a week.

Me:  Michael lost his car keys in the hall, and we never found them.

Me:  I loved my hot water dispenser, and I won't have one any more.  It would cost $1100 to install one at Brazos Towers, and I don't think I'll drink enough instant coffee to make it worthwhile.

All of us:  We loved living here.



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