Sunday, August 16, 2015

Saying Goodbye

This week I am saying goodbye to the house I have lived in over half my life.
I'm renting an apartment temporarily until the high rise I'm planning to live in is ready.

So, goodbye to my five-bedroom home; hello to a two-bedroom apartment.
Goodbye to the dish drainer I'm using because the flood ruined my dishwasher; hello to a new dishwasher.
Goodbye to watering a yard; hello to looking at a landscaped garden that I don't have to care for.
Goodbye my esperanza with its breathtaking beautiful yellow blossoms; hello to some flowers I haven't yet met;
Goodbye to the neighborhood where my children grew up; hello to what will look like a different neighborhood after so many flooded houses are torn down and rebuilt.
Goodbye to the Monster plant that Ralph loved so much.  Sorry I can't take you with me but that would involve tearing out the patio and digging you out by the roots and I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy that anymore than I would.
Goodbye to all my built-in cabinets and shelves; hello to having to decide what to cram into much less space.
Goodbye to Comcast; hello (in December) to a different service provided by the high rise.
Goodbye to my fig tree and the squirrels who always got to the fruit before we did.
Goodbye to the home where we lived and loved and laughed and cried, where memories call out from every corner.
Hello to new adventures.


Susan Kane said... [Reply to comment]

OH, you are heading to new horizons. I admire your courage and optimism.

Carole Ann Moleti said... [Reply to comment]

Good luck and much happiness in your new home. I am teary eyed just reading this, knowing how I would feel leaving my home after all the years I lived there. But when the time is right you know it in your heart. May your memories and plenty of pictures make the journey easier.

MMH said... [Reply to comment]

What a poignant and beautiful goodby you've written. Wishing you well on settling into a new home.

Jane Myers Perrine said... [Reply to comment]

George died 2 years ago. I moved from 3 bedroom to one--where my study is as well. It's okay. I don't have a lot of stuff anymore. And I love not having a lawn!

thelmaz said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you all for your comments and good wishes. I absolutely didn't know how painful it would be to leave my house. I've always said the house where I grew up was "home" but apparently I was wrong. I feel like I'm stepping off a cliff. Weird but true.


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