Saturday, November 7, 2015

Books of October

I loved Moyes's book Me Before You in which our heroine falls in love with a quadriplegic she is hired to care for.  This is the sequel that follows her through the twists and turns of her life afterward.  Not as compelling as the first book but still a pretty good read.  A-

 The story of Estebanico, a young Moor who sells himself into slavery to help his desperate family.  The story follows him and his master through the exploration of Florida and beyond.  B+

A young children's librarian and her journey with a young boy who is stifled by his rigid, domineering mother.  B+

Geraldine Brooks, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for "March," focuses on the life of King David as seen by his prophet Natan.  As always, her style is lovely but I had two complaints:  1)  Why on earth didn't she use the English names of the characters.  It would have been so much easier to read "Saul" and "Samuel" instead of "Shaul" and "Shlomo."  2.  We only see David from the outside, never from his point of view.  Perhaps Brooks felt it would be presumptuous to give voice to the thoughts and emotions of such an iconic character, but as a reader, I would have appreciated them.  I'd love to hear other readers' opinions on this.  A-

Happy reading!



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