Monday, September 5, 2016

A Success Story

Once upon a time there was a young mom, my niece Joy, whose baby daughter's skin was so  sensitive that she could hardly tolerate disposal diapers.  What could be done?  Joy looked into cloth diapers, enlisted her mother Carol's help and began designing cloth diapers herself.  They were not just the old-fashioned white diapers that my children wore when they when they were babies, not just cutesy pink or blue diapers for infants, but bright-colored, cleverly designed diapers that looked like pants.  She and Carol decided to market them on-line, and Ragababe was born.  To me this seemed like a risky endeavor.  Who would pay a lot of money to buy a cloth diaper when you could buy a package of disposable ones for much less.  But Joy and Carol tapped into something--families who wanted to go green, who liked the idea of diapers that would last and that looked adorable besides.  Ragababe began to grow.  Now they have 15 employees; they have a Facebook page and devoted cloth-diaper fans who post frequently, who chat and give each other advice about how best to use the diapers.  Recently some of the customers asked to visit the shop and had a Ragaconference where they met one another, had a chance to visit the company and design a diaper of their own.  Now Joy has five children and another on the way.  There's a play area for the little ones so they can have fun while Joy and Carol and Joy's husband Andy and Carol's husband Dave run the shop.  Here's a picture of their current designs--they change frequently 
Below is a picture of their shop.
And here's Joy's car with her personalized license plate:  Ragamom.  Of course.
I'm so impressed with their creativity and their determination to create product that benefits both babies and the environment.  You can read more at 


Gene said... [Reply to comment]

I loved this story. I am going to search out Moms to be and tell them the good news.

Your adoring cousin,


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