Sunday, September 18, 2016

Books of August

One of the best books I've read this year.  Of course I'd heard about the determent
camps for Japanese on the West Coast but I'd never heard of the family camp at Crystal City, a small town south of San Antonio, where Japanese, German and Italian families were kept behind barbed wire for years.  Most of the children there were born in America.  The stories of these families were fascinating and heartbreaking.  A must read.

A private plane crashes this novel tells what happened before.  What...or who really caused the plane to crash?  A late season beach read.

A lifelong love story between a Jew and an Arab in Jerusalem.  I especially liked the writing style.

About seven famous skeletons, one of them a hoax, and how they furthered our knowledge of early humans and how they influenced our culture.  I'm always fascinated by such information but somehow this book didn't bring it together as well as I'd hoped.  I'd give the author a couple of stars for trying but that's about it.



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