Sunday, November 20, 2016

Houston: Parts Unknown

Recently Anthony Bordain visited Houston for his Parts Unknown TV show.  A chef, he focused on food and cooking.  But I thought today I'd point out some sights of Hidden Houston that visitors and even residents may not know.  People don't think of Houston as a destination city, but it has unknown wonders for those who choose to visit. Here are 5 and if you want to add more, please do.
Built in 1927, the Cistern was an underground drinking water reservoir.  It was forgotten until recently when it was rediscovered and is now a tourist mecca with tours of the beautiful underground structure.  
A huge bat colony lives beneath the Waugh Street Bridge and emerges each evening around sunset.  Quite a sight.  Okay, Austin has a bat colony, too, but I bet ours is better.

Ever heard of a house completely covered with beer cans?  You can visit the Beer Can House in Houston and brag about seeing it to your unbelieving friends.
Who ever heard of building a monument to a fruit?  You can visit one in Houston, the quirky Orange Show.
Houston has many museums and so do other cities, but a museum devoted to funerals?  Yes, Houston's Museum of Funeral History is probably the one and only such museum in the world.

You might also want to visit the Art Car Museum, David Addicks' huge statues of the Beatles, the "big bubble" beneath a downtown bridge and as you're exploring the city, drive past the Astrodome, America's first domed stadium, now languishing in disrepair.

Have fun!



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