Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Oscars versus the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl and the Oscars, the two biggest television events of the year--bigger than the World Series final game, apparently bigger than Election Night viewing.  So which one wins?
Viewership:  Definitely the Super Bowl
Commercials:  Again, the Super Bowl
Fashion:  Definitely the Oscars
Close-ups of celebrities:  Again, the Oscars
Hype:  Probably a tie

A football fan all my life, I love the Super Bowl.  The tension is higher because you never know who's going to walk off with the Lombardi trophy.  Who thought, after the first half, that the Patriots would stage the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.  Oh, the drama.

These days there are so many pre-Oscar award shows that some of the excitement is missing because you sort of know ahead of time who will probably win.  Of course, we can still focus on whether Jimmie Kimmel will out-host Jimmy Fallon, host of the Golden Globes, whose teleprompter didn't work.  Will there be more political speeches or will we just hear a list of thank-you's?  Will Trump tweet during the show or will he wait until tomorrow morning?  Who will be best and worst dressed?
(Football players are all dressed alike except for color--boring.)

To tell the truth, I love both events, so I'm looking forward to tonight as much as I looked forward to the Super Bowl earlier this month.

Note from the trail:  As far as I know, Tom Brady's jersey is still missing.  Approximate value of this piece of Patriot history:  $500,000.
Keep looking, Texas Rangers!


Susan Kane said... [Reply to comment]

I did not know the teleprompter went out! Jimmy carried it off so well.

Who cares what the celebrities have to say!!? Just give the thank yous and head off stage.

Hacksaw Ridge should have swept the oscars, but politics and all.

Good post.


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