Sunday, March 5, 2017

Books of January and February

What if the company you work for is taking over the world?  A Googlesque company is doing just that in Dave Eggers' book.  B+

This has been at the top of the Times best seller list for months.  The Yale graduate explains the lives of Kentucky and Ohio hillbillies through his own family.  A-

I love listening to John McWhorter's lectures for Great Courses.  This book uses a lot of maertial from them to explain the evolution of language over the centuries.  Fascinating...if you're interested in the history of language as I am.  A-

A fun, Downton Abbey type of book.  A-

A typical Jodi Picoult book built around an issue and a trial--African-American nurse taken off the care of the baby of a white supremacist is charged with murder when the infant dies.  A-

Is the young woman who appears at their door really their long-lost daughter who was kidnapped years ago?  B

A middle-aged woman prone to sleepwalking disappears.  We read to find out if she died by accident, suicide or perhaps murder.  B


Margaret Anderson said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my. I can't decide which I want to read first. I'm between the hillbillies and Belgravia. Thanks for letting us know about these.


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