Sunday, April 2, 2017

Books of March

Since this has been on the best seller list for some time and since I love Greek mythology, I decided to add to my mythological knowledge by reading about Norse mythology.  Didn't like it.  Compared to the Greek gods, the Norse are second best--maybe third best.  You might enjoy the book, but I didn't.

Back to Greek mythology, this is the story of Theseus, one of the legendary Greek heroes, the guy who killed the Minotaur.  An enjoyable book.

Humorous...and sometimes nasty take on the recent election.  Hillary supporter?  Trump supporter?  Doesn't matter.  The author is an equal opportunity, bipartisan critic.
A family embroiled in the world of competitive gymnastics. . Right before national trial the boyfriend of one of the assistant coaches is killed in a hit and run accident...or was it an accident?


Crystal Collier said... [Reply to comment]

They all look like excellent reads. Thanks for putting them on my radar!


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