Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fun for Seniors

For the past year I've lived in a high rise for independent seniors.  The place is full of interesting, active people, most retired but some, like me, un-retired.  There are many activities to enjoy, but because I still work, I miss some of those that occur during the morning or early afternoon, like the kitchen tour or a trip to the outskirts of Houston  see bluebonnets.  But there is still fun to be had.
On Saturday afternoons I play canasta.  I'd totally forgotten the game, not having played since junior high when my friend Lois and I would spend afternoons playing canasta and listening to country music (then known as hillbilly music.)  I was surprised to find out how much fun it is to play, even when you lose.

And then there's Saturday night bingo, a typical senior pastime.  Ours isn't a high stakes game; it's $1.25 a card.  But over the past year I've won about $50.  I'm saving up and maybe by the time I'm really really old, I can buy myself something wonderful.

Some Wednesday evenings I play Scrabble.  Once my friend and I ended up with the exact same scores...very unusual.  It's good practice for me because when my sister and I get together, we  play Scrabble for MONEY.  ($2 a game...we"re big spenders.)

One of our neighbors has a huge collection of DVD's and he show operas and concerts, and then on Friday  nights we have movies.  Exciting news!  They (whoever "they" are) have decided we can watch R rated movies.  Previously they were banned.  Perhaps we aren't old enough, perhaps such movies would elevate our blood pressure and "they" couldn't take the chance.  Anyway, we're delighted to have access to "those kinds" of hot, or even warm, films.

Something gossip-worthy is always happening.  For instance, the pool.  It opened ten months behind schedule and we had a few months to enjoy it.  Now there's a leak and it's closed until...whenever.

Last week a tree root caused a broken pipe and the dining room flooded.  Not to worry, because we have a nice cafe called The Bistro and the kitchen staff and the wait staff handled  the emergency beautifully and everyone kind of enjoyed eating in a different place for a couple of days.
Note:  The above picture is an exaggeration.  I couldn't find an appropriate picture of a large dining room with soaked carpet.

Once a month we have a Dining Forum and a Round Table.  Both are quite entertaining as they give residents an opportunity to ask questions of the staff and, most of all. to voice complaints about the food, the service, the G rated movies, the...whatever.

Last month most of the complaints were about  what became known as
Avocado-gate.  The high price of avocados has resulted in an additional $1.00 charge if you request avocados on your salad.  You can imagine the furor this caused because we pay a lot of money anyway to live here.  All the fuss was to no avail.  There will still be an extra charge for avocados.  Some people suggested we buy our own and bring them to dinner and even offer them for sale for 50 cents or we could plant avocado bushes in the garden.  No use..  (I am on a no-avocado diet for the foreseeable future.)
You can see it's all, or mostly, fun and games here.  I enjoy my new surroundings and I wouldn't want to go back to living in a house, not ever.


Margaret Anderson said... [Reply to comment]

I, too, live in a place that has many activities. Since I may work at any hour of the day or night, I don't attend many, but it's nice to know they're here for when I "really" retire.

Susan Kane said... [Reply to comment]

Like Margaret, I live in a 55+ community. We love it. I took my golf cart to the clubhouse and used treadmill and reclining bicycle. We play bridge and bingo. I am in a quilt club. Can't wait for the pool to open!

This is a great place, just like yours appears to be.


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