Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Quote for the Week

Invariant Constants

"For thousands of years, sailors have used the stars to help establish their position upon the earth.  We need a similar series of inner reference points to help guide us through the waves of change which are appearing on the ocean of our times.  There is a name for such stars which arises out of a scientific way of depicting the world:  invariant constants.

Invariant constants are those qualities, processes and hidden organizing fields of life which endure throughout all changes.  They are known as truth.  The discovery of these invariant constants is the life task of any human being.  And in the mystery of the universe, it appears that each one of us is afforded the opportunity to arrive at such constancy through out own particular journey. Stray too far from the truth, and the chaos of change will tear you apart.  Place your trust in it and you will find guidance though the seas may grow rough around you."  
                            David LaChapelle

This was a handout at a meeting of Women in Transition.  It told me that each of us has a different invariant constant.  You may find it through faith or through self-reflection or meditation but each of us has the chance to find our own particular truth.


Crystal Collier said... [Reply to comment]

I'm a believer in truth is truth, but as far as internal dialogs go, we definitely establish our own reality through the script we play again and again. Best to make that script an amazing one.


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