Sunday, May 7, 2017


I'm always delighted when I hear about former students' success, and here is a success story I'm pleased to share.

I first met L. as an infant when her Mom brought her along to her older brother's speech sessions.  I believe L achieved her early developmental milestones in my office waiting room.

Several years later it was evident she was struggling with early academic skills and I worked with her for a while.  She repeated a grade, which was an excellent decision by her parents and her performance improved.  In late elementary school I worked with her again.  Our agreement was that I not come to her classroom to pick her up but that she come by herself.  She never forgot; she was a very responsible youngster.  We worked on grammar, vocabulary, writing and other academic skills.  She didn't enjoy the work but she always applied herself and did her best.  I remember one essay she wrote about her parents meeting one another in camp.

I followed her progress as she advanced through the grades.  She won an award at her high school for her perseverance and diligent work.  She attended college, graduated, eventually got a Master's degree...and I was thrilled to hear that she has now been accepted into three Ph. D. programs.  She'll be going to Berkeley in the fall.  I am so impressed with the effort she has put in to achieve this success and I wish her the best in her future studies.


Susan Kane said... [Reply to comment]

If you had not devoted yourself to her success, who knows what would have happened.

You saved her.


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