Sunday, May 27, 2018

Books of April and The Great American Read

Aha!  I think I've figured out how to access pictures, so here's my book cover for May.  I only finished one book because the others I'm reading are extremely long.

What if Sherlock Holmes were a woman?  And so was Watson?  In this book, they are.  Interesting, but not the greatest read.

I heard about the Great American Read while listening to the radio in my car and watched the opening on PBS.  This is apparently going on all year.  They showed a list of 100 books that have been nominated for the Best Novel (OMG, the list included Fifty Shades of Gray...could the people who nominated it think this was the Best Smutty Novel?) Anyway, you can go to where you can find the list of 100 best books and vote once a day for any book you think is best.
The list included Jane Eyre, The Outlanders, Another Country, The Sun Also Rises, The Great Gatsby, Charlotte's Web, Alice in Wonderland, Little Women, Beloved, The Color Purple, and of course Fifty Shades of Gray. (I voted today for To Kill a Mockingbird).  You can also sign up for the Great American Read book club and also the newsletter.
Happy Reading!



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