Sunday, June 10, 2018

Books of May

Summer isn't even here but May was summery, too summery, so what better way to beat the heat than to stay in a nice air-conditioned space and read?  I'm still reading parts of long books so I only finished two books in May.  Here they are:

God Save Texas:  A Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State
Pulitzer Prize winning author (The Looming Tower) Lawrence Wright takes readers on a journey through Texas, from the biggest cities to desert-like West Texas.  He says Texas is really two states:  AM Texas and FM Texas.  Find out which you live in by reading this enjoyable book.  Maybe you have to be a native Texan like me to really, really enjoy it, but anyway, give it a try.

Brother of the More Famous Jack
A book group selection.  The heroine is taking a course in philosophy when she happens to visit the quirky family of her philosophy prof. She becomes a frequent guest there, falls in love with the oldest son and the story goes on from there, from her years in Italy, her return to England and so on.  I personally didn't care for the book.  I found the family not just quirky but rude.  If my children spoke to me the way these kids speak to their parents, I'd put them out for adoption.


Susan Kane said... [Reply to comment]

We drove through Texas many years ago, before good freeways and exits with fast foods. It was life there were several Texas. There were desert and mountains, small and large, green and brown.

Ditto on mouthy rude offspring.


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