Sunday, July 8, 2018

Questions to Ponder

My book club is reading I Woke Up Dead at the Mall, and in it the newly dead girl has to answer a series of questions about her life.  So at our next meeting we will discuss these questions.  I think they are good ones to consider no matter where you are in life, so here they are:
1. My greatest regret is....
2. Thinking of my most recent birthday
    a. I got everything I wanted
    b. I wanted more
    c. I didn't care about gifts
    d. I didn't celebrate my birthday.
3. Here is what I will/would miss the most
    a. Food
    b. People
    c. Sex
    d. Other.....
4. My favorite place on Earth
5. The worse thing I've done in my life (so far)
6. The best thing I've done in my life (so far)

And here's the other, which is probably a question for the newly dead:
7. I would prefer to 
   a. Return to the kind of life I was living
   b. Start over in a different life
   c. Keep what I want from my life and throw
      the rest away
   d. Undecided

I'm not going to share my answers and you don't have to either but if you like, you could leave a few in the Comment section.



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