Sunday, July 29, 2018

Still Together

Several years ago I joined a grief support group.  I'd been a widow longer than the other women who came so I was over the first throes of widowhood, but as they say, grief never goes completely away; it just changes over time.  We met every Tuesday morning.  Over time, some dropped out and others joined.  We shared our grief and our fears and our loneliness but also our steps forward into our "new normal." We began having monthly Friday night dinners, getting together for special events and always having lunch after our meeting.

The formal meetings ended last fall, but we'd formed a bond that has remained unbroken.  We have lunch every other Tuesday, play Mah Jongg each week (yes, I'm learning to play, too) attend events together. Today several of us went to a Celebration of Life for a group member who recently passed away.  On the way home and during lunch at my apartment, we shared personal memories of her.  I'm glad we've kept our friendships intact so that we can share the good time, the sad time and even the lonely times with others who understand.



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