Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quote for the Week: A Poem


In keeping with this week's cat theme, here is a poem from my cats' favorite book, Poetry for Cats, with poems by cats of famous authors. The one below, To a Vase, is by Elizabeth Barrett Browning's cat. Enjoy, and if you have a cat that likes poetry, please share with him/her.

To a Vase

How do I break thee? Let me count the ways.
I break thee if thou art at any height
My paw can reach when, smarting from some slight,
I sulk, or have one of my crazy days.
I break thee with an accidental graze
Or swish of tail, if I should take a fright.
I break the out of pure and simple spite
The way I broke the jar of mayonnaise.
I break thee if a bug upon thee sits.
I break thee if I’m in a playful mood,
And then I wrestle with the shiny bits.
I break thee if I do not like my food.
And if someone thy shards together fits,
I’ll break thee once again when thou art glued.



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