Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Memories

Memories of my Mother:

She was barely 5 feet tall and she always (I mean, always) wore high heels.

She hated cooking but enjoyed baking.  When I was little, I always got to bake a miniature pie when she baked pies and lick the bowl when she made cakes.

She rarely missed an episode of "As the World Turns."

She never learned to drive.

One thing she would say to my sister and me:  "I know you better than you know yourselves."

Memories of my Mother-in-Law

She baked "cardboard cookies," a recipe she got from a Norwegian neighbor, and sent us a box every year at Christmas.

She had strong opinions.  When a new minister came to her church, she made an appointment to tell him how she thought things should be run.

When Ralph and his buddies had a "secret club," she left messages in their clubhouse, signed "Your secret friend."  Finally she confessed and the messages stopped.

Even though Ralph was hospitalized with leukemia, it fell to him as the oldest to tell her it was time to give up driving.  Instead of becoming housebound, she got a little scooter and buzzed around town in it.

One of her great-grandchildren called her "Grandma Grape" because she always gave him grapes when he visited.



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