Sunday, March 29, 2015

Books of February (A Little Late)

The story of the daughter of an immigrant family growing up and finding herself in the early 20trh century.  Pretty good, but I don't think Anita Diamont has ever written anything to equal The Red Tent.

Yes, this book has been optioned for a major motion picture starring Matt Damon, but don't read it unless you want exhaustive explanations of how this lone astronaut survives by putting things together, building things, etc.  Don't read it if you want character development.  We never learn how this guy really feels about being left alone on Mars.  Don't read it if you want a lot of tension and excitement; you know the ending from page 1.  Are you guessing I didn't like it?  I felt obligated to finish it because it was a book club read.

Yes, Virgil's Aeneid.  I'm taking a continuing ed. course at Rice University.  The lecturer, Dr. Markos, is so engaging, I would take his course if he talks about anything, even dirt.  As it is, I love the Aeneid.  I read it in high school Latin and again several times as an adult (in English).  I also love taking courses at Rice on spring evenings.  It's a lovely setting.

If anyone has any suggestions for good books, leave them in the Comments section.

Happy reading!



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