Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ten Things that Makr me Happy #10

I saved my children till last.  Born 2 1/2 years apart, they are totally different.  When she was small, Lori tried very hard to make her brother disappear.  No luck.  She hid his comfort toy in the bushes--we found it years later--and once she egged him on to lipstick my bedroom.  (They both got in deeep trouble.)
Now that they are middle-aged adults, they are very close.  They confide in each other, support each other, advise one another.  They offer me advice, too; sometimes unwanted, sometimes appreciated.  They still have very different attitudes and interests but they put those aside for each other.
I'm lucky that they both live in Houston, and if I have to move in with one of them if I sell my house too early to move to my new apartment, I'm glad they both like cats.

Other Things that Make Me Happy

Looking at the sky on a clear night
Walking on the beach (seriously!)
Eating coffee ice cream, my comfort food 
Curling up with a book (or a Kindle) on a rainy day
Watching sports on TV
Listening to CD's of The Great Courses in my car
Exchanging our Chicken Crossing the Road picture every 6 months with my best    friend from high school (Yes, we're still crazy after all these years.) 



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